About Us


Established in 2005, we are passionate about ironing and providing excellent customer service. Our team has grown and we work harder to save time for busy people - like you! Ironing Plus was born out of a need to spend more time at home with our family. Family life is very important to us and we ensure that all our employees can work hours which don't interfere with their own family life. They're our most valuable asset.Our Ironers...We employ only the very best ironers and our ironing standard is checked by independent experts regularly. We have clients who are Pilots, Military Personnel and Firemen - our ironing standard needs to satisfy the most demanding professionals.Our philosophy?Simple: Provide 100% customer satisfaction and still find more ways to improve our business. We work hard and we know that hard work will be the life blood of this business for many years to come. Who needs us?We cater for anyone who needs a quality ironing service. That'll be everybody then! We save you time so you can enjoy more of life. Why Ironing? The demands placed upon us at work are now even greater than ever. With longer working weeks and the many hours we spend travelling to and fro - spare time is a luxury which we should all be able to enjoy. On average, a small family creates an ironing pile every week which takes between 2 and 5 hours to iron. You could be having a meal out, watching a film or visiting friends down the local pub during that time.