Clothing Alterations- Mrs Fix-it


Mrs Fix-it and her helpers can attend to all your clothing repairs and alterations on the Gold Coast. The long and short of it is Mrs Fit-it can repair your garments – zips, hems, buttons, sleeves and much more. Can she fix-it? Yes she can!


Mrs Fix-it can handle almost any garment including pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, shirts/blouses and just to name a few, here are some of her most common repairs and alterations:

  • Hems- Shortened or lengthened

  • Waists taken in or let out

  • Zips- replaced, altered or repaired

  • Pockets- replaced, altered or repaired

  • Linings- replaced, altered or repaired

  • Buttons, hooks, eyes etc.- replaced or re-attached

  • Buttonholes – made or repaired

  • Sleeves- Shortened or lengthened

  • Rips and tears- mended

  • Beading & Trims- replaced or re-attached

  • Garment resizing- taking in or letting out


A fitting service is also available in store for your convenience so call in at Ironing Plus to meet Mrs Fit-it and her helpers and remember...